Burdock Book Collective

Burdock Book Collective is a volunteer-run, intersectional feminist bookstore in Birmingham, AL that aims to cultivate radically inclusive community building and political organizing space and curate a selection of books written by authors of different identities and life experiences, while centering and uplifting marginalized voices.

In addition, Burdock hosts author talks, community discussions, letter writing events, and political education, writing, and art workshops. Burdock co-founded and co-runs the Alabama Books to Prisons Project, an organization that facilitates connection by matching people in prison with pen pals on the outside and works to fulfill individual books requests.

Burdock Book Collective will be restarting a monthly BOOK CLUB, with the evening meetings continuing on August 15 at 6 p.m. Additional meeting dates and times will be shared monthly on the calendar. The discussion at the August meeting will be about “Coffee Will Make You Black” by April Sinclair.

On August 13th at 4 pm, they will hold a poetry workshop at Sloss Furnace.