2024 Positions of Responsilibty

Positions of Responsibility
Clerk – Jane W.
Assistant Clerk – Nancy W.
Clerk of Ministry and Nurture – Mark G.
Treasurer – Connie H.
Assistant Treasurer – Jane W.
Clerk of House and Grounds – Tim T. (with help from Phillip, Daryl, Mark, and Peter)
Clerk of Peace and Justice Committee – Emily N.
First Day School – Jill H.
Recording Clerk – Jane H.
Education Clerk – Colin C.,
Clerk of Inreach/Outreach Committee – Darcy P.
SAYMA Representative – Darcy P.
SAYMA Ministry & Nurture Representatives – Maggie D. ;(through June 2024, Rob C. (through June 2025),
SAYMA Earthcare Representatives – Cole M., Colin C.
Long Range Planning – Tim T., Connie H.,

Representatives to other Organizations –
Greater Birmingham Ministries (GBM) – Ned F., Kay S.